Sarah & Jordan -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Okay, let’s be clear. The jumping high-five isn’t my typical engagement repertoire but for Sarah and Jordan it was a must. I actually like the beginning of a portrait session when there’s a bit of anxious chatter and normally something along the lines of “I don’t really like having my picture taken”. It’s almost a game for me now, something I strive to reverse in as short a time possible. I now know that everyone is a little nervous, no one really enjoys having a camera in their face, but that I can make it fun and as natural as possible. I love seeing the progression over a session and it makes me feel awesome knowing that I can lead people through a process. So back to the jumping high five shall we? In an engagement session, or any session for that matter, I want to capture true relationships and emotion. So I will often tell a couple to do something and then wait for a few moments just to see what they do. Sarah and Jordan were certainly no different, but what I especially loved was overhearing Sarah joking about whether they should jump and highfive. Oh yes. yes. You should definitely do that. I loved the comment and thought it would be fitting and fun for a cool couple like them. So no, no jumping high fives for just anyone, but if you want to and it fits, then you bet.

And then one more! {Calgary family photographer}

This sweet little family is welcoming a new little babe this spring! Not long ago, I photographed Kerri and Karl’s wedding in this park and I thought it was fitting to head back there for the maternity session. A beautiful day and a beautiful family. I cannot wait to meet this little one!

Jenn&Joel -married! {St Eugene Cranbrook Wedding photographer}

Weddings are about family. About two families. About creating a new family. It’s pretty great to be surrounded by such profound and unwavering love on a regular basis. And even more so, to be hired as a wedding photographer many times over for the same family. It truly is an honor and I never ever expect it but it is absolutely the best compliment I could ever receive. I had the pleasure of photographing Jenn’s sister Katrina last year and was of course over the moon when Jenn hired me as well. I’ve known Jenn for quite a few years now and couldn’t wait to capture hers and Joel’s special day first as a photographer (obviously!) but a close second, as her friend. St Eugene is spectacular. It’s like a little piece of Tuscany right here in our backyard. Well, kind of our backyard- it’s in Cranbrook for all my lovely Calgary brides-to-be so it’s definitely a jaunt. It’s truly thrilling to shoot there and Stephanie, my awesome and lovely second shooter, and I had the best time searching out the most beautiful spots for creatives. The ceremony was held under a stunning canopy of tree branches and the reception was held in a gorgeous big white tent complete with chandeliers and the hand crafted decor put together by none other than the Mother of the Bride, Jan. WWJD? (whatwouldjando) She would wrap pens with twine of course. All the little details are so important and really make a reception special. There was so much laughter during the speeches, (or should I say rap verses) that it was hard to decide where to point our cameras. By the end of the evening, we were treated to a breathtaking sunset outside and a raucous and spirited party inside. It truly was a wedding to be remembered and I am so happy and excited to share. Enjoy!

Jarusha - September 20, 2014 - 3:24 pm

Absolutely stunning. Sarah this is some of your best work ever!!! What a gorgeous couple, location and day. Well captured :)

Meagan&Matt -married! {Invermere, Radium, Canmore, Calgary Wedding photographer}

After we got home from Invermere, my fabulous second shooter Dana Cole, thanked me for helping her check “epic barn wedding” off her wedding dream list. I really couldn’t agree more. I have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time, the thought of travel, the barn, a working ranch, a dock, Meagan’s grandmother’s dress etc etc, was really exciting for me. K2 Ranch is an honest-to-goodness working ranch and it’s not open to public weddings which made this even more special for us! The day started beautifully, the kind of day every wedding photographer dreams of, a beautiful blue sky and big puffy white clouds to tone down the brightness of the sun. After a wonderfully emotion-packed ceremony, we loved joining Meagan and Matt and their bridal party back at the lake house for some snacks, drinks, and a dress change. Oh my, what a second dress. I remember my jaw dropping and saying that I couldn’t believe I could love two dresses on the same day. Meagan definitely chose well. Matt proposed (in an elaborate scheme) on the dock of the lake and it was especially fitting to shoot some portraits there. The rest of the afternoon was spent gallivanting around the Ranch’s property, both Dana and I squealing with delight at every location. The whole vibe of the cocktail reception like something out of a movie. Fantastic food, a canoe filled with beer and Palm Bay, lively conversation and a gorgeous evening. Little did the guests know how much of a treat it would be to see the inside of the Barn set for dinner and partying. We really should have set up a camera to catch people’s reactions as they walked in. I wish there was a picture of Dana and I as we walked in, no doubt eyes wide and mouths open in awe. It’s a beautiful barn filled with so much history and they really did the space justice with their simple touches. As if this wedding couldn’t have any more, the bridal party surprised Meagan and Matt with a flash mob.¬† Your friends don’t get together and practice and perform a choreographed dance for just anyone. They are loved so much. It seems fitting to end this little story here. I hope you enjoy the look back at a most wonderful day.

Camille & Ryan -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Whenever I talk to my couples about their engagement sessions, I always ask about special places or activities they enjoy doing together. Sometimes¬† a simply beautiful place is requested, out in nature, the mountains or with their dog and sometimes the place is rather significant. For Camille and Ryan, that significant place is the University of Calgary and the specialness lies in the fact that they met there. What started out as a very close friendship grew to be much more and I loved walking the campus with them, myself an alumni as well. The UofC campus holds such wonderful memories for me, I spent two years in the fine art program (yay Art Parkade!) before transferring to the Photography program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. It was so much fun to walk the campus and discover little spots previously unseen, and of course, I took full advantage of a magnificent rainbow appearance. Thanks rainbow. I’m really looking forward to their 2015 wedding to be held in the new tent at the Ranche in Fish Creek Park! Enjoy!

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