Chelaine & Dustin -engaged! {Calgary, Kananaskis Wedding Photographer}

It’s been awhile since I talked about light. I could talk about light in every blog post, it’s something that I love seeing and playing with in my photography. But I need to talk about it from Chey and Dustin’s Cochrane session. It was spectacular, the light was filtering in through my lens in a way I couldn’t even explain. Some serious magic that day. You know what else was magic? Their adorable dog. You have to scroll down and see the picture where the tounge is out. I didn’t even notice when I was taking the picture, so I got an extra laugh when I was editing. Love it! Chey and Dustin know how to work it and I can’t wait to capture their mountain wedding this summer!

Kirsten & Taylor -engaged! {calgary wedding photographer}

The pylon wasn’t planned. I swear. So why then? Well, when you’re walking by said pylon and your couple gleefully reminisce about their first date when they, ahem, borrowed a giant one…. well, you shoot it. That orange cone was probably the deciding factor in their romance. Ok maybe not, but it added an element of fun and danger to that date and I’m sure it helped a little. So yeah. It wasn’t planned but it’s cool right? Kirsten and Taylor are a fun, awesome couple. The type of people I want to hang around just because they make me laugh and their personalities are so bright and cheerful. I can see why they get along so well, why they love each other. Laughter is always something I need and crave and I think when you can laugh together, you can overcome any obstacle. It’s my husband’s and my greatest marriage attribute, at least in my opinion anyhow. I loved seeing these two move together and they just fit together, very little direction from me and they just snuggled in close. Thanks for braving the cold! It was worth it!!

Jenn & Mike -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

I kind of love the moments when I think I’m done a session and then something catches my eye and I end up shooting for 20 more minutes. Jenn and Mike might not have appreciated 20 more minutes of cold but I hope they love the reason why. We were walking back to the parking lot and all of a sudden the creek lit up with golden hues from the sunset and the reflection of the trees. It was one of the most beautiful and thrilling photographic experiences I’ve ever had. It was just so exciting in the most wonderfully nerdy way possible. I love the way the light filtered through the trees and how we were able to find shades of orange and red leaves, something I thought only my colleagues in Ontario got?! Pretty awesome all around. Enjoy!

Alissa & Matt -engaged! {calgary wedding photographer}

I love hearing engagement stories. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will ask about yours when I first meet you. I have such a collection now and the commonality between all of them is that no matter what was planned in the first place, it always turns out to be perfectly fitting in the end. Matt and Alissa live far far away (ha!) and have the good fortune of living near abandoned rail tracks and a beautiful old bridge. They walk their dog along it’s tracks almost every day and so Matt thought the bridge would make a perfect backdrop for the proposal. As he told me, I couldn’t contain myself and blurted out that their engagement session needed to be there too. Turns out, we’re peas in a pod, as that was their idea all along. And to top it off, we ended the session with a fire and we made smores together. Pretty darn perfect if you ask me. I cannot wait for their March wedding! It’ll be here before we know it.

A little more fall! {calgary family photographer}

I love photographing families and seeing children grow. I shot this sweet little family a couple years ago and couldn’t have been happier to hear from them again. The leaves were almost all down so I chose a spot that would work regardless and when the leaves are on the ground, well, then you get to throw them! We really had so much fun and my favourite part was watching the excitement on the girls’ faces just before Mom and Dad threw leaves on them.

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