Melanie & Chris -married! {Canmore, Silvertip wedding photographer}

Drink up & be Awesome. Slogans are great aren’t they? Especially when they are pretty fitting- Melanie and Chris are connoisseurs of fine microbreweries and went as far as to bring in Grizzley Paw beer to Silvertip specially for their wedding. In addition, we made the necessary beer break during creatives to sample some of Canmore’s finest ales. And Awesome? well awesome speaks for itself. What an amazing group of people, what a wonderful family. The wedding was held at St Micheals¬† in downtown Canmore and I have had the absolute privilege of shooting there quite often this season. It is such a lovely church and strictly photographer speak, the lighting is simply divine! What I will remember from this wedding are all the happy groups of people having the best time. Not only that, I got my first experience with the dreaded ICE-ing. If you’re not familiar, it is when a Smirnoff Ice is hidden for the victim to find. Once said victim finds the Ice, they must kneel and chug and receive a sugar rush/headache as reward. I keep looking back at the reaction and the absolute glee from their friends and having a little chuckle all by myself. Now go forth and enjoy these photos!

Mike & Travis -engaged! {Calgary same-sex wedding photographer}

I was absolutely thrilled to finally shoot in the Badlands, Drumheller area. I actually can’t believe I’ve waited this long. It made for absolute perfection for Mike and Travis’ engagement session; seemingly everywhere we turned and looked there was a spot better than the last. We were having so much fun that the only thing stopping us was the setting sun. I loved every minute, even the horrible cheeseball rock jokes supplied happily by Mike:)Their wedding is coming up fast and I’m pretty darn excited for it. Enjoy!

Kara Medlicott - June 25, 2014 - 8:15 pm

Amazing photos Sarah! Fantastic couple:)

Holly & Ryan -engaged! {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

Oh how I love all the pretty blossoms. Oh how I despise the mosquitoes that seem to go hand in hand with them. Luckily, Holly and Ryan are an urban couple and Ryan was able to run home and save us from being swallowed by the clouds of the dreaded mini-beasts. I was super excited for this session as it combined a beautiful (secret) garden and a gorgeous city skyline at sunset. I especially love that Holly and Ryan specifically requested the ridge because of their urban lifestyle and how much they enjoy living downtown. Can’t wait for their October wedding!

hubert - June 30, 2014 - 2:29 am

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Lisa & Erik -married! {Canmore Wedding Photographer}

The story of a wedding day is something that makes me giddy. I love it all, the hugs, the happiness, the tears. Lots of big happy tears seriously makes my day. And certainly Lisa and Erik’s big day did NOT disappoint. If you’ll allow me, I’m just going to get up on my soapbox for one second…. I attend a LOT of weddings, close to 30 a year. So here’s the thing, what I have noticed over and over and over is that when people are present, they are more engaged, they are more emotional- read: happy giddy me shooting away at the abundance of highly engaged and happily emotional people. And what do I mean by present? I mean, put down your phones, your cameras, your ipads. Listen to the words, remember your own happy wedding day moments as you share in the bride and groom’s day. As I swept my camera over the audience looking for those AMAZING moments, and as I edited these images, I became incredibly aware of the rapt attention that their friends and family gave Lisa and Erik as they said their vows and promised their love for ever and ever. It really makes me happy. Really really happy. Because I know that that congregation will remember what it FELT like to witness this beautiful ceremony, and that Lisa and Erik will have so many photos of these beautiful people watching and listening and being there. For them. With them. Lisa and Erik are so full of joy and I cannot say enough how wonderful it was to spend the day and capture their love, both for each other and their friends and family. Enjoy!

Rachel & Clint -engaged! (calgary wedding photographer}

Book worm meets music lover in this beautiful little engagement session. The light and location could not have been more perfect, and let’s not forget how awesome Rachel and Clint are. I told Clint that I’d like him to tag along on all my sessions as it was nice to be serenaded whilst shooting!!

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