Katy & Brett -plus one! {calgary maternity photographer}

So what happens when one of your very best friends gets pregnant only a year after you? Well, you spend the long months chatting about babies and planning an epic maternity shoot. How perfect of Katy to be pregnant at the exact right time of year for glowy golden pictures. It’s kind of like a gift to me really. Thanks Katy:)Big thanks to Amborella Floral Studio for the gorgeous crown and bouquet and Trena Laine for her ever fabulous talent in the hair and makeup realm. It was one of those evenings that we chased the light. We worked with the grove of trees, did some other stuff and on our way back, we just had to do more. I can’t believe there isn’t much time left before I get to snuggle a brand new squishy babe. Katy and Brett have got this, that is for certain. The real question is does Farley know what he’s in for?

Corinna&Rick -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

When I was talking with Corinna about possible locations and she mentioned something with water, I knew immediately that Big Hill Springs would be perfect and I knew that I was dyinnnngggg to shoot there this fall. Of course, the leaves are out in full force and Corinna and Rick were such good sports climbing up hills, into bushes and over streams. They are originally from Ontario and although I couldn’t promise much red I knew that the springs would be beautiful. This time of year is just so inspiring and I am so happy to be out shooting so much!

Sheahan & Clint -engaged! {calgary, fernie wedding photographer

So there’s a magical time every year when the leaves and the light are gold. It’s fleeting but it’s certainly here and I am loving every minute. From the moment I started chatting over email with Shea, I could feel an instant connection. As soon as I met her and Clint, I knew we were an amazing match. They are incredibly full of life, vibrant, energetic, spirited; their eyes sparkle. We bonded over our son’s name both being Logan. And family, they adore their boys and there is such respect and admiration being shared and offered to the boys and back. The outdoors is a huge part of Sheahan and Clint’s lives and canoeing at North Glenmore Park is a regular family activity. Being engaged is not just about these two wonderful people, it’s about bringing together two families and so it was only fitting that the boys were included as well. We watched the sun go down together and I remember reveling in the fact that this is exactly why I love my job. Capturing and documenting families and love in this wonderful world makes my heart sing. Enjoy!

Sarah & Jordan -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Okay, let’s be clear. The jumping high-five isn’t my typical engagement repertoire but for Sarah and Jordan it was a must. I actually like the beginning of a portrait session when there’s a bit of anxious chatter and normally something along the lines of “I don’t really like having my picture taken”. It’s almost a game for me now, something I strive to reverse in as short a time possible. I now know that everyone is a little nervous, no one really enjoys having a camera in their face, but that I can make it fun and as natural as possible. I love seeing the progression over a session and it makes me feel awesome knowing that I can lead people through a process. So back to the jumping high five shall we? In an engagement session, or any session for that matter, I want to capture true relationships and emotion. So I will often tell a couple to do something and then wait for a few moments just to see what they do. Sarah and Jordan were certainly no different, but what I especially loved was overhearing Sarah joking about whether they should jump and highfive. Oh yes. yes. You should definitely do that. I loved the comment and thought it would be fitting and fun for a cool couple like them. So no, no jumping high fives for just anyone, but if you want to and it fits, then you bet.

Sophia Jacob - September 24, 2014 - 2:54 am

I love, love, love these pictures! My beautiful niece and her love! What beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! <3

And then one more! {Calgary family photographer}

This sweet little family is welcoming a new little babe this spring! Not long ago, I photographed Kerri and Karl’s wedding in this park and I thought it was fitting to head back there for the maternity session. A beautiful day and a beautiful family. I cannot wait to meet this little one!

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