Alissa & Matt -engaged! {calgary wedding photographer}

I love hearing engagement stories. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will ask about yours when I first meet you. I have such a collection now and the commonality between all of them is that no matter what was planned in the first place, it always turns out to be perfectly fitting in the end. Matt and Alissa live far far away (ha!) and have the good fortune of living near abandoned rail tracks and a beautiful old bridge. They walk their dog along it’s tracks almost every day and so Matt thought the bridge would make a perfect backdrop for the proposal. As he told me, I couldn’t contain myself and blurted out that their engagement session needed to be there too. Turns out, we’re peas in a pod, as that was their idea all along. And to top it off, we ended the session with a fire and we made smores together. Pretty darn perfect if you ask me. I cannot wait for their March wedding! It’ll be here before we know it.

A little more fall! {calgary family photographer}

I love photographing families and seeing children grow. I shot this sweet little family a couple years ago and couldn’t have been happier to hear from them again. The leaves were almost all down so I chose a spot that would work regardless and when the leaves are on the ground, well, then you get to throw them! We really had so much fun and my favourite part was watching the excitement on the girls’ faces just before Mom and Dad threw leaves on them.

Felicity & james -married! {Emerald Lake Lodge wedding photographer}

Oh Emerald Lake, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You are beautiful no matter the season. I have visited and photographed in the spring, summer, fall and winter and each time of year brings with it its own special magic. You are a hideaway from the “biz”, the craziness of everyday life. I love that when I come my cell phone doesn’t work. The colour of your water is unreal, your surroundings take my breath away. I love seeing guests of Emerald Lake Lodge light up at first glance. The people that live and work there are wonderful, accommodating and happy. It must be because of your beauty and tranquility. I could go on. I probably will. But for now, I’d like to tell you about Felicity and James. They are practically family, I find it hard explaining to people who they are because I can’t just say “oh they’re friends.” Felicity is the twin sister of my sister in law Nicola and are part of something I affectionately refer to as the UK Crew. Ross is my husband’s brother, married to Nicola and we have had the pleasure of hosting this fabulous foursome a few years ago. I think it was then that Felicity and James fell in love with Canada and in planning their wedding, it always stayed in the back of their mind as a possibility. They wanted something rustic and intimate and beautiful and let me tell you, Emerald Lake was and is all of the above. I was absolutely thrilled when they decided to make the jump and plan a really special elopement style wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge. I loved helping Felicity with her wedding planning, hearing about all the details, searching out wood logs and pumpkins. I am truly in awe of what she was able to bring from Scotland but also what she was able to create with only a very limited view of what the ceremony and reception space looked like. I hadn’t planned on being excited for leaves since it was mid October, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the bright foliage and some GIANT maple leaves. They could not have asked for a better day. My favourite moment of the day was hauling Felicity and her stunning dress into a canoe and watching them paddle around the lake to the amusement of a busload of tourists. Her bunting was a huge hit and I think it turned out so well. The night ended with a delicious dinner and macarons and sparklers. The night sky was lit up with stars and it all just makes you feel incredibly tiny in this wondrous universe. The stillness there, the solitude, the peace is absolutely something to be experienced. I am just so happy to have been there to capture their wedding and I will continue having so many fond memories of Emerald Lake. If you’re getting married at Emerald Lake Lodge, send me an email. Let’s chat. I want to be your photographer.

Rachel&Clint -married! {Cochrane, Calgary Wedding Photographer}

It’s so dark now that winter is on its way. And so as I sit here editing Rachel and Clint’s beautiful wedding day, I am trying to soak in as much of the beautiful warmth and glow as possible. Truly, they could not have asked for a better day. Brilliant blue sky with puffy white clouds, it was a little slice of heaven that is for sure. I was particularly excited for their wedding because we scouted out some brand new spots and found a great location on the river. We based these new locations on the fact that Clint proposed in the area so I loved that it was especially significant for them. The ceremony and reception was held at Springbank Links golf course just outside Calgary. I loved the log cabin feel inside the room and it certainly makes for an awesome indoor space. The little touches that Rachel put together for the decor were wonderful, her love of books and reading made for great centerpieces and I enjoyed doing something a bit different for their ring shots. I hope you enjoy this look into a perfect day in every way. Until next time!

Bev & Mike -engaged! {Calgary wedding photographer}

Whenever one of my couples asks to include their dog in the session or wedding, I always respond with an enthusiastic YES! If you have a dog as a pet, they are as much part of your family as a child would be. I know this to be true as I am the proud fur-mom of an adorable Llasa-Apso named Fenway. Fenway is always at our family sessions, it wouldn’t be our family without him and his wayward underbite. I find that animals create an extra dynamic (sometimes maybe too dynamic HA!) and allows my couples to relax and perhaps focus on something else other than the photography. They provide laughter and spontaneity and I absolutely love working with them. Bev and Mike’s pup is no exception. She gave us a run for our money and provided some excellent shots that I could never have set up on my own. My favourite is when Mike tried to kiss Bev and she came over, rested her head on Mike’s shoulder as if to say “I was your first girl, don’t forget me”…. I can’t wait for their winter 2015 wedding, I know it’s going to be great!

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